Sinn 103 Ti Ar reviewed by cpm.

Two years ago, when I was on the hunt for my first real watch, I first fell in love with an Omega Speedmaster AM/PM. But when worn the first time I was really dissapointed because of the small impression it made on my real mans wrist.

Then I was looking for any alternatives. As former G-Shocker, wanting a watch with a lot of features, I've been thinking about the Sinn Space-Chrono 142.

Because I live very close to Frankfurt I decided to give them a visit to look at the watches in person. At 'Sinn Spezialuhren zu Frankfurt am Main' I immediatelly fell in love with the absolutely beautiful look of watches with display backs. Then I only had to choose between a 103, 203 and 303. After a lot of sleepless nights alone with the nice Sinn catalog, I got the specifications of my 'must-have-watch': It had to be a 103 with the hands of the 203 and the dial of the 303. On my second visit to Sinn Frankfurt I had to realize that there is no such watch. I then started with the 303: out because the lack of a turnable bezel. In a direct competition between the 203 and 103, the mighty 103 finally was the winner. So I went for the top version of the 103 made of titan and equipped with Sinns argon technology and the copper sulphate capsule.

A few facts about the 103: It is offered in 7 different versions. Starting with a handwound movement, with acrylic crystal, leather strap, 'screw-in' back and steel case, up to the 103 TiAr with automatic movement, titan case and bracelet, two saphire crystals with an anti-glare finish and the copper-sulphate capsule with argon filled case. I have choosen the last one.

Dial and Hands

The classic design of an aviators watch, similar to planes onboard watches (I think). The black bezel does very well with the black colored dial and the watch doesn't hide its size: 41mm x 16.5mm.

The sub dials are placed in standard 7750 manner. Small second at the 9 o'clock position, chronograph minute counter at 12 o'clock, hour counter at 6 and the day-date window at the 3 o'clock position. The watch has a saphire crystal with an anti-glare finish on the inside only. The hour, minute and center mounted second hand are tritium filled for illumination in the darkest darknesses. There is also some tritium on the 12 o'clock position on the bezel.

  • Valjoux 7750
  • 28.800 bph
  • Automatic
  • 25 Jewels
  • 42 hours reserve
  • Argon filled
  • Copper-sulphate 'stay-dry' capsule
I cannot, and also do not want to, say anything about the movement itself but instead recommend the marvellous article from Walt Odets which can be found in the HOROLOGIUM section at

Case, Crystal and Crown

The bidirectional bezel has no ratcheting. The left picture shows the copper-sulphate (CuSO4) capsule. The case is additionally filled with argon. The crown is screw down but the pushers aren't. Only the steel version of the 103 has also screw down pushers.


Depending on the position the watch is stored at night it is between -2 and +4 secs wrong. If I store the watch crown right leaned 45 degrees backwards sitting on its bracelet, the watch runs slow, if it is lying flat dial up the watch is running fast. So I look wether the watch is slow or fast in the evening and then store it during the night as described above. So I never have to set the watch, it keeps time absolutely exakt.

Strap, Buckle or Bracelet

I first bought the watch with a shark skin strap. And a half year later I got the titan bracelet as a birthday present. Since that I wear the watch almost everytime with the bracelet. It is a very solid and comfortable one. The bracelet has also an extension, safety clasp and the links are screwed.

User Manual and Packaging

At the Sinn factory store the watch came in a plastic bag :-). But of course I got a box also, which resides empty in my cupboard since that day. Nobody needs a box for his everyday watch.


The watch feels very comfortable with the leather strap and the titan bracelet. I think the black dial of the watch is a perfect match with the black leather strap, very sporty indeed. But with the bracelet the watch looks more precious.


The watch was sold now (Sep. 2002) for 1355 Euro with bracelet these days. Not very much money for a 7750 in a titan case, two saphire crystals and filled with lots of argons. They give a two year warranty on any argon filled watch; instead of one year standard warranty. The watch had to be regulated once, of course at no cost. Although, after two years, I bought myself another watch (Omega Seamaster GMT), I would buy the Sinn 103 again and also recommend it. Among my friends there are four more other Sinn owners. Greetings to the 903, 303, 156 and the 6015 ,-)


This is my very first review so please forgive all typos and errors. Everything in this review is influenced by my personal oppinions and I am not related to Sinn. The pictures show my own, two year old watch. Nowadays the Sinn 103 is also available with flyback. For further information look at "Sinn Spezialuhren zu Frankfurt am Main". All photos taken with a Nikon Coolpix 950. Any errors in the translation are totally Hippies fault. Any comments, suggestions, rants and assaults are welcome. Please eMail me! But the rants and assaults preferred only in german language, please ;-).

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